Tips for RV Pest Control

An RV can be an appealing home for a variety of pests, such as insects and rodents. Fortunately, the right strategies can help you keep pests from getting into your camper and help you deal with any pests you uncover.

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How to Deal with Rodents

Mice and other rodents can damage the camper frame, chew through any exposed wires, and leave droppings in the various rooms. Try to keep them out by blocking all possible points of entry. 

It’s also helpful to keep your RV as free from food crumbs as possible. The food will catch the attention of mice and try to lure them inside. After each RV trip, take the time to clean the camper and remove any crumbs and trash.

If you’ve uncovered mice in your RV, you can use mouse traps and rat poisons to deal with the infestation.

How to Deal with Insects

Prevention is key here as well. Try to keep insects from entering your camper at all. Inspect the RV regularly and make sure there are no structural issues that can let insects inside, such as cracks in a window. When you are at the campground, avoid leaving any windows and doors open (unless they have screens to keep out insects).

The strategy for dealing with an infestation will depend on the type of bug.


Because ants travel methodically, you can follow their line to figure out where they entered your RV. Be sure to seal off that entry point. If you already have ants inside your camper, there are two common approaches: use chemicals to kill the ants or vacuum up the ants and dispose of them outside the RV.


Store-bought or homemade roach bait will be needed to lure roaches out so you can deal with them accordingly. Remember that insecticide can be harmful to pets and children. If you are traveling with either, take the steps needed to ensure their safety.


If you notice a nest, try to deal with it as soon as possible. Wear any protective gear you have on hand, which will help prevent you from getting stung. You can either use hornet spray or flood the nest with a soapy mixture.

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