RV Boondocking – An Underutilized Travel Approach

Usually on an RV vacation, travelers will connect their camper to the campground’s hookups in order to access utilities.

Dry camping, also known as boondocking, is a different type of overnight adventure. Travelers still enjoy the comforts of their RV and a cozy overnight stay, but without connecting to external utilities.

This alternative camping style can be a great option in many different situations, some of which you may not have considered before. Read on to learn more about this unique way to use your RV.

Boondocking For Part of a Vacation

You don’t have to boondock for the entire vacation. In fact, many campers don’t!

There are plenty of cases where you boondock for a small part of the vacation and spend the rest of the time connected to the campground’s utilities.

For example, maybe you want to stay at a campground that is currently booked full. You can camp in their “overflow” area while you wait for an available campsite with hookups. This allows you to still stay at a preferred campground during your preferred time of year, even if they don’t have an available campground on the first day you would arrive.

Another common situation is when a camper encounters a problem in the middle of a vacation. You visit a service department and they are unable to complete a fix by the end of the work day. You may be able to spend the night dry camping at the dealership, rather than needing to go find a hotel nearby.

Boondocking is also a viable option when you have a long drive to your destination. You can pull over and spend the night somewhere without needing hookups, then continue onto your booked campsite with hookups for the rest of your vacation.

Boondocking For the Entire Vacation

In other cases, boondocking can be a viable option for the entirety of a vacation.

This often happens for large events, such as RV rallies or concerts. There may be plenty of space to park a camper, but few available hookups (or none at all). Boondocking allows you to enjoy the event while still enjoying the budget-friendly accommodations of your camper.

Being willing to boondock can also open up your travel options. You can book a stay somewhere that’s more remote, rather than being limited to only campgrounds with available hookup sites. There are even places to boondock that aren’t at an RV campsite!

Whether you want to go boondocking for a part of your vacation or the entirety of your vacation, it can be a great option to consider! If you have never gone dry camping before, consider giving it a shot. You can always try a short boondocking vacation first somewhere near your home, then book a longer vacation if you enjoy it.

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