Pros and Cons of Small RVs

A small RV may be the perfect fit for your family…or it may be the exact opposite of what you need. It can be hard predicting how much space your camper needs to offer, but the experts at Pete’s RV Center are here to help. We created the following pros and cons guide for small campers below.

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The Pros of Buying a Smaller Model

Better Gas Mileage

As you’ll carry fewer items in your compact rig, your gas mileage will go up, and you’ll be able to save money on each trip. Also, your tanks will last longer, and you likely won’t need to stop to fill up as often. This means you’ll have more time to do what you love—traveling!

Easier to Drive

If you are new to the RV lifestyle, you’ll be glad you have a smaller rig to drive or haul around. Smaller campers are easier to maneuver in big cities, and you can park yours in tighter spaces and busier campgrounds without much hassle. Though you’ll need to put in some practice with turning, braking, reversing, and parking, mastering these tasks will be easier than with a bigger and bulkier model.

Lower Costs

Smaller RVs are ideal for budget-focused travelers not just for their lower asking prices but also for lower maintenance and insurance costs. This financial saving allows you to invest more money in your future travels, and you can undertake many more trips with the money you have saved.

The Cons of Buying a Smaller Rig

Less Storage Space

Smaller models come with limited storage areas and aren’t suitable for transporting large outdoor items. If you have a lot to carry around in your camper, you’ll want to go with an RV with sufficient storage space for your belongings.

Smaller Rooms

If you have a large traveling party, a smaller rig might not be an ideal option for you. It can be tough to find a smaller RV with a high number of sleeping spaces. The common areas, such as the kitchen and living room, will also be smaller on a smaller RV.

We hope this guide helps you figure out the perfect option for your family. To look at campers in person, visit Pete’s RV Center. Our knowledgeable team can suggest models for your budget and help you choose a camper that matches your lifestyle. We are located in South Windsor, Connecticut, South Burlington, Vermont, and Plainville, Massachusetts. We also proudly serve those in Manchester, New Hampshire, Albany, New York, and all of New England.

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