Is a Travel Trailer or Destination Trailer Right for You?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an RV. Towables have been a perennially popular style due to their ease of use and convenience, and two of the most popular styles are travel trailers and destination trailers. However, each of these styles is designed for a certain kind of life on the road, so it’s important to be aware of the differences between them before you make your final choice.

What is a Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers are a type of towable RV that can vary widely in size. In fact, the largest category of camper is the travel trailer.

You can recognize them via their bumper-pull hitches, which anchor up to almost any type of passenger car or truck. You can get travel trailers that are as small and compact as a single room with a bed or expansive, with multiple rooms and slide-outs to increase interior space while you’re camping. Travel trailers are made to be lightweight and easy to tow, so the materials used in their construction will prioritize these qualities over luxury.

What is a Destination Trailer?

Destination trailers belong to the RV category in a broad fashion, but they are different from your standard towable RV. A destination trailer is movable, but it’s much more challenging to move around than a travel trailer, requiring the use of a heftier towing vehicle like a one-ton truck to get them from place to place. This is because these campers are designed for long-term stays rather than short-term trips with a lot of movement.

Laden with residential-style features like large glass windows, hardwood cabinets, glass doors, and full-sized kitchen appliances, destination trailers are designed to be as close to a home away from home as possible. Tall ceiling clearances and expansive interiors give you more space than you’re probably used to in a standard RV because these vehicles are made to be comfortable and luxurious, which does increase their cost to some degree.

Similarly to other RVs, you have freshwater, greywater, and blackwater tanks along with on-board electrical so that you can live off-grid in your destination trailer if you desire. However, like other campers, you can also hook up to municipal water and power sources.

Which Should I Choose?

The type of RV you choose will depend on how you intend to use it, including where you plan to travel, and how long you intend to stay there.
If you really like the typical lifestyle that standard RVs provide, then you’ll be better off with a travel trailer. It can give you the compact and lightweight towing experience you need to bounce around the country, picking and choosing destinations on a whim.

Travel trailers are generally much smaller than destination trailers and they are the less expensive option because they aren’t made to resemble a house so much as being convenient and cozy camping accommodations.

The main reason to opt for a destination trailer over a travel trailer is if you plan on visiting the same location. For example, maybe you own some property and want to place an RV there and leave it all year round. If you don’t need the mobility and easy towing that a travel trailer provides, a destination trailer may be for you.

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