Check Out These Great Road Trip Games!

There’s nothing quite like a great RV vacation with the family. It’s great to have the freedom to see the country from sea to shining sea and create great memories with your children. But, getting to all of those vacation hotspots means spending a lot of time on the road. That’s why it’s so important to know a few great road games to play along the way. Read on for some of our favorite RV road trip games.

I Spy

I Spy might just be the most iconic road trip game of all time. It has inspired board games and video games over the years, and is also a favorite in school classrooms and summer camps. 

One person spots something visible to everyone in the car, and speaks the words “I spy, with my little eye” and provides a clue. The first one to guess correctly gets to be the next chooser. 

Be sure to pick something that will remain visible long enough and make your clues appropriate for the ages of your kids. Fortunately, if your clues are too easy your children will let you know! 

The Alphabet Game

All you have to do to play the alphabet game is to find every letter in the alphabet in order on passing signs and license plates. The game is a little bit harder to play after dark, but you can always begin naming animals or cartoon characters or dinosaurs. Some kids can’t get enough of the alphabet game, and you might have to come up with creative ways to bring the game to an end. But it’s a long road trip and you’ll have time to figure something out.

20 Questions

20 Questions is a game for the whole family. One person thinks of a person, place, or thing – and the guessers ask a series of questions until they can guess or are stumped. The game is technically supposed to end if the players can’t figure out the clue after 20 questions, but many families might choose to let them ask until they give up. The usual strategy is to ask broad questions (e.g. “animal, vegetable or mineral?”) and narrow choices down into more specific information. 20 questions is a great game to help kids sharpen their deductive reasoning skills.

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